This cat is the Nickels Cat. Nickels is crossing the street today. They need some tomatoes to finish the stew that they are making. They are trying to hurry, because their guests are arriving soon for the party, and the stew needs to be done before then. But there is a lot of traffic on the street today, the street that they are trying to cross, and they haven’t been able to cross yet. If you ask them about how they are making their stew, they say that they’re making it in the normal way of course, with a stew pot and a stove and some water with potatoes. Nickels is confused that you don’t know how stews are normally made, but they keep their confusion off their face, because they don’t want to offend you. You might have just never made a stew before, and that’s not your fault. Maybe you’re just not interested in stews. Nickels is interested in stews, that’s why Nickels knows how to make them, and is making them for their party guests tonight. Nickels sees a place to cross the street now, and you have no more time to ask questions, because it has already crossed the street. This is unfortunate, as you spent your time asking only the one question, and didn’t even get a chance to pet the kitty. You may feel sad now. Nickels does not, as they can now get the tomatoes to finish the stew.