This cat is the Madeline cat. They are very happy to see you, and want to be your pet. If you ask them why their face seems drawn on, they may remark that it is in fact true, that their face is drawn on, but then they’ll go on to say that all faces are at least in part drawn on. They may mention that they feel that the face we choose to show to the world is not a representation of the whole of our person, nor could it be, for that would be too much to be on a face. They may go on to mention that a drawn on face may be more honest in their opinion, and that it really just wants to look cute, but knows that it has failed in that regard, and has somewhat come to peace with this realization. You may be flabbergasted by this well spoked cat, and you may realize that it’s fur is soft as it rubs against your leg, and that whether it’s made from felt or not, it’s still fur in the end.