This cat is the Fluffy Cat. I have captured him when he is smelling something really bad. This bad thing is not in the picture, because Fluffy asked me to not put it in. He says he needs therapy now for this bad smell, and he doesn’t need a reminder of it anymore. He allowed me to draw his face in the hopes that it help him get more pets. If you pet him now, he is a normal cat, and not a cat who has just smelled something really bad, and so he makes a normal cat face. In the picture he has smelled the bad smell though. If you ask him where he got his teeth, he will get a far away look in his eyes, and then you will have to pet him, because you are his petting therapist, and that is what you do when he gets that far away look in his eyes. His one whisker being short is not due to this bad smell, it was a normal whisker trimming for Fluffy and that one whisker got cut too short. He is not ashamed of this whisker though, he kind of likes it in fact.