This cat is the Slinky cat. He was born with really long legs and so everyone in the neighborhood calls him Slinky. He is an alleycat, and he likes it that way. He would be uncomfortable in a home. If he was asked about this, he says it would be too restricting, as if the walls were closing in on him. If you ask him about his face, it will rotate about 30° counter clockwise, and then emit the sound of a raven. You pet him anyways, because everyone knows that Slinky is strange, but he’s really just a cat. He bumps into you almost haphazardly, and from his throat comes what people call purring. His face rotates the other way, back to where it normally is, and you go about your day. He may follow you for a ways, but you don’t exactly see where he stops. He may still be following you, or maybe you’re imagining things. You may have been reading to many pasta stories on the internet about a particularly noodle man.